Signed in as:

Montague County Amateur Radio Club
** WX5ARC **

Repeater  147.320 pl 192.8

Practice Net Tuesdays @ 7pm CT

Latitude33.559380 (33° 33' 33'' N)Longitude-97.851110 (97° 51' 3'' W)

The Latest Club News

FCC Proposes Fining New York Radio Amateur $17,000 for Deliberate Interference


A New York Radio Amateur — Harold Guretzky, K6DPZ, of Richmond Hill — is facing a $17,000 fine imposed by the FCC. Guretzky was issued a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (NAL) on October 3 for causing intentional interference on a local repeater and preventing other radio amateurs from using it...  (more)

VE testing

The next VE test session will be held at 4:30 on November 14, 2019. You must notify the VEC 4 days prior to that test date, of your intentions to be included. Gary must download all the forms from the ARRL/FCC to have them available.

This will be the last testing for 2019.

Gary can be reached at:

Of Special Note

The Club calendar now contains the Nets, Club Meeting, next VE test dates, and Birthdays of members. 

Ham equipment for sale is located HERE.

NOAA has a good presentation on Spring weather and what that will bring into our area.


Net Control can access and download a Tuesday check-in form.

Member weather stations are now online here.

The ARRL/FCC page now contains the study question pool AND a link to CW practice files on ARRL.

The latest Net Control Calendar is now published. All documents for NC Operators can be had via the Download link under the Tools at top of screen.

Weather training classes are posted and updated as needed.

Cool Stuff

Trodat Printy $10

Trodat Printy 4913 $10

Great self-inking stamper (for your new Club cards). 4-lines with your call sign, name, phone, etc. 

Exceptional  quality. 

Personalized Club Clothing


You can order MCARC club logo embroidered gear from Ham Threads. They are the official supplier of quality shirts, hats, polos, decals.

Name badge available


A 'Texas flag' name badge has been commissioned with the new Club logo in place of the white star. Want one?  Email Mike