Who We Are


Our Mission and Values

MCARC is made up of Amateur Radio (Ham) operators who are connected by not only their radio equipment but their ability and willingness to assist the public during times of emergency.

 We are trained weather and storm spotters and coordinate with the National Weather Service to report what we see that they can't see under the radar.


How We Can Help You

MCARC members are able to assist new Hams with their equipment and antennae needs. Hams helping Hams is one of our main goals.

With so much equipment available online, it is hard to know what to buy and how much to pay. We are here to guide you.

MCARC can guide you to becoming a newly FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operator.  Testing is available

Bi-Monthly VE Testing

We are a Volunteer Examiner (VE) Club and can provide any level of testing from Technician through Extra Class.

VE test Dates